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The Woollen Mill

As part of our UK wide exploring road trip, we travelled to Mid-Wales to take a look at a former industrial mill that was once the focus of the local town. Left abandoned for many years, this mill has been forgotten about by many yet remains the home to hundreds of pieces of our industrial history. The Mill now sits at the end of a narrow lane, overgrown with weeds, thorns and trees, nature is reclaiming its land.

The mill has stood abandoned since November 1980.

Even though when we visited this location it was boiling hot and really sunny outside, inside was cool and pitch black where the nature has grown covering all windows and doors.

As of yet, we have not discovered much about this former mills history but we will update this page as we do!

What we do know is unless the owner or local council removes and secures the historic equipment inside, it will just simply be a matter of time until it’s all lost for good.

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Visit Date: July 2016